Confirmation of your booking

Your booking will not be confirmed or guaranteed until we have received the requested information and any payments due that are required. Failure to send us this within 28 days will lead to your booking being cancelled with no refund or entitlement to any compensation. As per any holiday whether in the UK or overseas we recommend you take out adequate travel insurance.

Cancellation or changes to a booking. 

You have up to 14 days before your arrival date to make any changes to details or changes to dates, after this period we cannot make changes to a booking. Any insulting  behaviour, insinuations or fabrication of comments made by  guests to benefit them in any way will result in the booking being cancelled immediately with no compensation. If you have taken out our optional £10 cover (Should you decide not to take this cover you need to inform us within 48 hours of receiving your booking confirmation or the charge will become mandatory, this is due to the nature of the product) you are able to change the booking up to 14 days before arrival and rebook within the same season, we cannot carry over to the following year (Subject to availability). If you choose to cancel a promotional / discount booking from a third party then a £45 cancellation fee will be charged. Should you choose not to take this optional cover then we will charge a refundable £10 deposit to be paid using a credit or debit card so we can hold card details as a deposit, without either of these we you will forfeit your stay. If you have chosen to purchase extras you have upto 48 hours to cancel or change your purchases, after this time we cannot offer changes or refunds for extra items purchased.

Should your booking be cancelled/changed and we have agreed on a change of date then this has to be taken in the same calendar year and cannot be carried over to the following season. For any changes of dates to your booking, we need to be informed by the guest 4 weeks after confirmation that we have agreed to change the date.

Paying for your holiday

Full payment is required to secure your booking unless agreed otherwise and a 50% non-refundable deposit will be offered, in this case, full payment must be made a full three months before the check-in date otherwise your booking will be cancelled with no reimbursement. Please ensure that you have sufficient holiday insurance to cover you in the unlikely event that you need to cancel. In some circumstances payment is transferable in the event of cancellation minus a £180 admin fee and on the condition that the cancelled unit/s can be re-booked.

We reserve the right to charge a discretional non-refundable £10 booking fee for all bookings (to be paid 14 days prior to arrival or we cannot guarantee your booking) this covers admin costs in dealing with your booking, payable by credit/debit card. Payment details will also act as a deposit should there be any damage or misuse of the property during your stay. All bookings made with discounts or vouchers for food, drink or accommodation are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Any extras to your account will be charged on check-out. Should the payment method fail there will be an additional £10 admin fee added and payment will be taken when available funds are credited on your card.

Offers & Voucher Deals

Any offer or voucher booking has limitations as what is included, details of this will be on the offer where published.

All offer and voucher deals are sold as non-refundable and non-transferable, we will redeem any voucher (should this be the method) before we send any communication to you, the value of the offer or voucher is deemed to be the 50% non-returnable deposit that is required to book a stay with Oak Lodge Retreat Ltd otherwise known as Oak Lodge Escape.. In extreme circumstances we will, using our own discretion, offer an alternative date break, this is an offer of goodwill and in no way of any monetary value. (Subject to availability).

Booking an offer or voucher through a third-party site does not guarantee your stay or the date that you have chosen, on rare occasions your date may be unavailable, in this instance we can offer different dates or you are welcome to pass on the voucher/offer to a friend or family member.


Voucher bookings will be offered a optional £ 10 booking fee which acts as an assurance that should the booking be changed there will be no fees. If you decided not to take this extra assurance you need to inform us at least 7 days after your booking is made or the charge will become mandatory.

Arriving at Oak Lodge Retreat

Check in is strictly 3pm to 6pm, if you would like to arrive before 3pm or after 6pm please call in advance to arrange and we will do our best to accommodate you.

There is a snack pack and sack of logs at your hut, please do not open unless you intend to purchase these, once opened you will be charged for them whether used or not.

Check out is strictly 10.00am – Please leave the unit how you found it. We do allow for a grace period upto 10:30am but if you check out later than this you will be charged £15 per hour starting from the original check out time, part of an hour will be charged for a full hour (If you check out at 11:05 you will charged for 2 hours). We have contract cleaners that will be on site at 10:00am and charge us from when they arrive, not when you check out.

Please settle any outstanding balances before you leave. There will be a £200 (But not limited to) cleaning/damage charge per unit should the unit not be left how you find it, this includes but not limited to rubbish/food being left inside or outside, failure to clean facilities on the unit, especially the cooking area (if applicable), fire pit not being emptied, excess rubbish above what would be considered general waste, any damage to the accommodation or surrounding areas. Any items that pose a health risk to others including (but not limited to) alcohol and sharp implements. A lost key will be charged at £50, this will be refunded minus a £10 admin fee should the key be returned.

Take care during your stay

We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal possessions or vehicles. The tents cannot be locked, so keep valuables with you at all times. Guests must take full responsibility for any children in their party. Children using swings and hammocks must not be left unattended and do so at their own risk. The very nature of camping in a woodland means that there are hazards to be aware of at all times. Please be careful of your footing over fallen branches, be careful at the edge of the decks, watch out on wooden surfaces as they can be slippery when wet and take care wandering round the site at night. Every effort has been made to ensure guests safety but we cannot accept responsibility for any accidental injuries.

Campfires and stoves

Fires should be kept small and manageable and can only be lit in designated areas after 6pm. These areas are the wood burning stove inside your unit (if installed) , the BBQ on the decked area and any of the fire pits. Only wood purchased from us can be used for the fire pits. The lighting of fires can be dangerous and extreme caution must be exercised at all times, we can not accept liability for injuries caused by the building of or lighting of a fire. Fire buckets are provided for your safety. If you are unsure as to how to light a fire please ask. In the unlikely event that a fire becomes out of control due to negligence £1000 clear up fee will be charged per unit. Damage to property in the event of a fire will be charged at cost, loss and expenses. DO NOT REMOVE LOGS FROM THE SAUNA TO USE ON YOUR FREPIT OR THERE WILL BE A CHARGE OF £30

No smoking

We are a no smoking site, there is a designated smoking area opposite the car park.

Consideration for other guests

Strictly no music on site at any time.

All noise to a minimum after 10pm Noise travels in the countryside and you may be surprised how much can be heard! Communal areas are to be kept clean and tidy at all times.

Hot Tub & Sauna

On the rare occasion, we may need to close the spa area or circumstances of which we cannot control that deem them unusable, this is ancillary to your stay in the hobbit huts, we do not deem this as a fault on our part as we have done everything in our power to ensure the area remains open. In the rare instance that the area cannot be used there will be no entitlement to any compensation or part there of. The hot tub is there for your enjoyment and as such you are obliged to follow the rules and instructions. Failure to recover the hut tub will result in a charge of £40, this is to cover the cost of the lost heat and energy used to heat up through the night unnessacarily.


To make a complaint email If you wish to make a complaint then you will need to refrain from making/posting any comments on review/social media sites until the complaint has been resolved. Should any comments be posted this way then you will forfeit any inquiry into the complaint and we will not uphold it as this may have an impact to the outcome.

We are unable to accommodate pets or wild animals.

Oak Lodge Retreat has the right to cancel/amend any booking without notice to the booker/guests should we see fit to do so to ensure the safety of our guests or staff. Compensations in this instance is discretional and conditional to source of original booking.

The Glamping Site are not liable for refunds or expenses you incur in the event they are prevented from fulfilling your Booking as a result of circumstances beyond their control. Such circumstances shall include (but not be limited to) war, terrorism, riots or civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, health risks or such similar events (“Force Majeure”). We recommend that you have adequate holiday insurance in place to cover this.