100+ Nicknames for Potheads and Stoners. If yes, check out through this insane directory of stoner brands
100+ Nicknames for Potheads and Stoners. If yes, check out through this insane directory of stoner brands

Could you be a canabisseur? If yes, have a look through this insane a number of stoner brands.

It’s not a secret that cannabis/marijuana/weed (or whatever you call it) provides extensive nicknames. But there are several nicknames for many who take pleasure in the wacky backy.

We’ve compiled a huge variety of over stoner labels for anyone partial to a mutual or two. This set of pothead nicknames have some stylish stoner nicknames, some popular stoner nicknames, and some international stoner names, as well.

Stylish Stoner Nicknames

For people who smoke but they are seeking a listing of classier stoner nicknames compared to classics, look no further than this listing below.

  1. Cannabisseur – Like a connoisseur, only much better.
  2. Chiefer – somebody who could be the chief regarding the reefer.
  3. Herbalist – For a lover of environmentally friendly things.
  4. Herbivore – A plant-eater, or a herbal cigarette smoker, in this instance.
  5. Room Cowboy – When getting as high as area, a true tobacco user operates the online game like a cowboy.
  6. High-flyer – this might ben’t merely a phrase for everyone top students, a joint can provide you with this subject as well.
  7. Weedpreneur – comparable to a Ganjapreneur although not very as profitable.
  8. Spliff king – She is the queen of rolling spliffs.

Technique Founded Stoner Nicknames

Taking it to fundamentals, there are a few straightforward labels for stoners based on the work of smoking weed itself. Listed here nicknames all are method-based.

  1. Smoker – a fairly self-explanatory nickname as somebody who smokes things is called a smoker.
  2. Blower – from work of blowing down fumes from a joint of grass.
  3. Roller – A roller was someone who rolls a mutual.
  4. Zooie – a reputation directed at someone in ownership of a joint of weed.
  5. Flyer – Head inside the clouds, this is exactly a nickname for a pleasurable tobacco user.
  6. Puffer – An occasional tobacco user, a person who doesn’t breathe in in excess.
  7. Blaster – For this pal who blasts through every joint.
  8. Bong Buddy – an amusing nickname for a stoner which really likes their bong.

Timeless Stoner Nicknames

As the newer nicknames is intriguing and funny, you may need to go back to traditional and popular nicknames for people who delight in a smoking.

Let’s read a number of those today.

  1. Mary Jane – very classic labels for cannabis.
  2. Ganja – Another classic, this comes from the name associated with Ganges lake that moves through India.
  3. Weedhead – A nickname for someone exactly who smokes most weed.
  4. Junkie – some one noted for smoking cigarettes also an obtaining large off several other medication.
  5. Doper – Coming from the alternative label for cannabis, dope.
  6. Weedie – how to find an escort The dealership of the people, this will be a reputation for one who’s usually got a stash.
  7. Potthead – Regular. The normal smoker who's only a little classic.
  8. Red Eye – originating from a red-eye journey, this guy smokes all night.
  9. Hippie – adored on ganja with flora within tresses.
  10. Air Head – The stoner exact carbon copy of a “dumb blonde.”
  11. HRH – His Regal Highness.
  12. Bush Physician – By Peter Tosh.

Funny Stoner Nicknames

From “ganja glutton” to “bong breathing,” you won’t need to be smoking to chuckle at these funny stoner brands.

  1. Ganja Glutton – A glutton are someone greedy who wants to indulge their vices. This nickname is for the greediest man using joint.
  2. Reefer Chiefer – a head of cannabis, this name's based on the film ‘Reefer Madness.’
  3. Purple Monkey golf balls – title for a certain stress of marijuana, going to help make your buddies laugh.
  4. Spleef Bongtoker – produced by the language “spliff” which means a joint of grass and “bong,” a setup familiar with smoke cigarettes marijuana.
  5. Grass Mower – this can be for a cigarette smoker who mows through weed more quickly than a grass mower mows through a field, everybody knows one.
  6. Metal Lungs – regular cigarette smokers must create lungs of metal your quantity several can smoke cigarettes at once.
  7. Smokie McPot – A Scottish derived nickname for stoners.
  8. Lettucehead – For the moment once head flops after a solid combined, e., like a lettuce.
  9. Grass Taster – somebody who has their very own hydroponic manufacturing plant, screening the grass as they go.
  10. Bong air – That one’s fairly self-explanatory, right?
  11. Asparagus – the weirdest slang names for cannabis, this 1 is actually for the vegan cigarette smoker regarding the people.
  12. Fatty lover – a person that smoked excess which contributed to overeating as a result of the munchies.
  13. Burger Boy – Burger is a reputation for poor quality cannabis, which means this name is for all the lad lowest on money purchasing the cheapest weed around.
  14. Roacher – The one who lighting right up final night’s roach in the morning. Roach which means the actual end of the joint.

Stoner Nicknames for Guys

There have in all probability been hundreds of nicknames for man stoners formulated over time. However many of these have actually lasted. Here are some quite common stoner nicknames which have stood the exam of time.

  1. Bob – title of the notorious Bob Marley.
  2. Marley – The surname of Bob Marley, ideal for a stoner guy.
  3. Damien – prompted by one of Bob Marley’s sons.
  4. Baker – a reputation for somebody who smokes cannabis
  5. Ziggy – This nickname comes from another daughter of Bob Marley.
  6. Bud – The best part of your marijuana in addition makes an excellent nickname for a man.
  7. Blaze – Just to help you say it is for you personally to “blaze with Blaze.”
  8. Jerry – driven by the American Singer/Songwriter, Jerry Garcia.
  9. Ace – Not the ace of notes but another label for a combined, or some guy.
  10. Jack – shortest for Jack The Ripper as “rip” is a slang keyword for marijuana.
  11. Fela – The popular Afrobeats Ganja People.

Stoner Labels for women